About Project

Equibook AR - is a startup whose aim is to digitize both new and existing equestrian books adding video, dynamic infographics or animations to their illustrations and pictures.
Former equestrian publisher and entrepreneur Taisia Stadnichenko had to leave the equestrian publishing business due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She has now created a project that goes far beyond classical publishing, technologically integrating static subject matter (texts) with existing dynamic content (video, animation) for the entertainment and pleasure of the reader, boosting sales and the popularity of the books and adding an extra dimension to readers' understanding of them.
The plan is to create a digital bookshelf for horsebook readers where they can search, find, and watch as many equestrian books as they like. The aim is to become the largest platform for horsemen and women, equestrians, and horse lovers, who are looking for the specific information that a book can give combined with the ease of access and entertainment that you can get from related video content.

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