About technology

Augmented Reality (AR) in books allows them to link any dynamic content to the illustration.

In the book pictures with an AR capability are indicated by a symbol.

Preview gives the reader a clear idea about the AR content available for each title and the reader can then decide whether to buy that AR content.

Once the books’ AR content is purchased, the reader scans the QR codes associated with specific illustrations and then sees the AR version of the illustration, with video, animation, or graphics adding to the readers’ understanding and enjoyment of the topic.

By creating an account in the App one can also see other available books of that genre, read the reviews left by other readers, and consult offers on other titles. Buying a subscription gives the reader access to a number of titles without having to buy the books one by one.


● There is a huge market demand for the books on horses (60 000+ horse books on Amazon) and from hundreds of thousands to millions of subscriptions to horse video content.● The horse industry is growing, the book industry is growing (yes, printed books as well) and the AR industry is booming. Ask for more info here.
All the markets already exist. This project is about enhancing, improving technologizing, and digitizing existing products that already have their customers and market.
● No glasses or other additional devices are needed - just a smartphone, which is always within arms reach!


● There are no examples of this type of equestrian book currently available.

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